Comparing Apples to Oranges #infographic
Monday, March 7, 2011 at 9:49AM
Randy in comparison, food, humor


Apples versus Oranges.


Designer Jess Bachman, in partnership with, has accomplished the seemingly impossible.  It’s common knowledge that comparing Apples to Oranges is so hard, it just isn’t done.  I’m thinking there’s a Nobel prize candidate here…  ;)

I’ve done it!  Apples to Oranges.  They say it shouldn’t be done, that it can’t be done.  But using the science and magic if infographics, I have done just that, compared apples to oranges.  The results are unsurprisingly surprising.  Little did I know that such botanical and culinary inequality existed in this modern age.  Prepare to be infographicalized.


Apples to Oranges.


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