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Digital Marketing Budgets

Digital Marketing Budgets infographic

The Digital Marketing Budgets infographic from 6smarketing.com is a digital marketing calculator to help businesses determine what they should be allocating marketing in 2012.

Below are statistics 6S Marketing uncovered during research to determine what percentage of marketing budgets organizations are currently allocating towards digital marketing, and what we can expect to see digital marketing budgets to look like in 2012. We’ve also created an infographic to illustrate these, and a digital marketing calculator to help businesses determine what they should be allocating to digital marketing in 2012.

SEO and social media marketing currently make up 70% of online marketing budgets. Overall, 24% of budgets were spent on digital marketing in 2011. Although the percentage of budgets that include online marketing tactics increase every year, 28% of organizations are in the process of moving their marketing budgets to digital channels.

There are some great charts, a great color scheme and really valuable information in this infographic, and I love that they included a number of different chart styles.  However, it stumbles with a number of the data visualizations that don’t match the data.  Accuracy is the most important aspect of infographic design, because when you mess up visualizing the data your overall design loses credibility.

The circular bar chart in the first section has text values of 64%, but the visualization is showing a value close to 85%.  In the Ad Spending grid of 100 Circles, the data shown in text is 20%, but only 8% is colored red in the data visualization.  In the final Mobile Ad Spending circular bar chart at the end of the infographic, I can’t see any correlation between the numbers and the chart.

Found on imediaconnections.com!

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Reader Comments (5)


Reading the articles or Blog online may be easy but finding the updated and more informative blogs or articles are impressive. However your blog contains such updated information that every people will love to explore and don’t hesitate to give their comment. Really I love your Blog and hope; you will keep continue the same posting in future.

April 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commentersoftware testing india
I had a question specifically related to mobile marketing. Even though mobile and smart phone markets are maturing do you think it really important for a brand to leverage the platform beyond application development level by having a mobile specific site optimized towards the target audience ?
There is good increase in digital marketing in last one year. But it's a matter of fact that budget is not increased that much compared to use of digital marketing for expanding business.
Many people asked me”How much to spend on digital marketing budget? I thing the right answer can get by following questions..
• What is your annual revenue?
• What is your industry?
• What are your competitors doing?
• What are you trying to accomplish?
• What stage is your business in?

IDF Marketing, Ireland
May 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJonathan Smith
Well explained and excellent discussion on the digital marketing budget determination. The mentioned points are knowledge rich and well equipped with necessary requirements to take adequate action to towards digital marketing budget calculation.
February 19, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBrandon

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