Find Your Perfume Persona
Monday, June 10, 2013 at 12:00PM
Randy in colors, smells, spectrum

Find Your Perfume Persona infographic

The Find Your Perfume Persona infographic from informs us that there are 4 groups that perfumes can be divided into. Then the infographic breaks down well known perfume brands and tells us how much of each group is in each brand.

There is a whole world of fragrances out there from zesty and fresh citrus scents to the warmer and softer jasmines and vanilla smelling perfumes. It’s important to match up the right perfume with your own personality.  Perfumes react differently on all of us and you can build up your own signature perfume persona. Our brain can unconsciously identify a staggering 10,000 different smells and what we find appealing in a perfume often is a smell that the brain registered as a positive olfactory memory and is associated with a happy time in our lives, often from childhood.  You may will find that you prefer and pick perfumes from the same olfactory smell groups.

I like the design tactic of combining fragrances with colors so the reader can have a visual representation of combining fragrances.

I wish there was a higher resolution version of the infographic available to make the text easier to read.  The footer should contain the URL link to the original infographic, and some type of copyright or Creative Commons license.

Thanks to Daniel for sending in the link!

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