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Beer Colors

Beer Colors Cans Visualization Infographic

Beer colors is a fun design idea that combines packaging design with beer label design, these beer label designs imitate Pantone® color chips.  Maybe more of a data visualization of colors than a true infographic, but I love it!

Concept and design based on the color of the beer. Each type of beer is associated with its corresponding Pantone color. The typeface chosen is HipstelveticaFontFamily in its bold version by José Gomes, thanks for sharing.

Designed by Spanish creative agency Txaber, this series of beer packaging labels show each brew type represented by its corresponding official color. 

Beer Colors Bottles Visualization Infographic

Found on creativebloq and BoingBoing


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Reader Comments (2)

Very nice article, whomever designed it definitely had a great understanding of the color theory. I recently wrote an article about it, please take a look at it here: http://graf1x.com/color-wheel/
October 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterGirts
That's a nice concept, but you got the beer colors/types wrong. The hay-straw pale is pils, then comes lager, then pale ale. Wheat beers can vary from blonde to reddish blonde, whereas golden ale is, well, golden (the color used for wheats in this image). Then it's red ale (no such type as dark ale), then brown ale, then porters and stouts have the same color that varies from really dark brown to black, but mostly black.
February 5, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAlex Seidanis
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