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The Most Successful US State for Sporting Wins

The Most Successful US State For Sporting Wins infographic

The Most Successful US State for Sporting Wins infographic shows which state's professional teams have the most wins within the "Big Four" sport leagues. The "Big Four" consists of Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and the National Football League. To find these statistics, PlayUSA researched the winners from the sports leagues since each competition began, then divided the winning teams by their state of origin.

Go Big Four or Go Home

Studying the wins of each state within the big four leagues across the decades, the research ranks all states who have had at least one win within these leagues and ranks them from most to least successful. To accompany this, PlayUSA have tapped into the loyalty of sports fans across the USA, delving into their views regarding politics on the pitch, and which sports Americans typically support outside of the Big Leagues.

Whilst the big leagues dominate U.S. sporting news and viewership, are they the be all and end all? The survey revealed that this might not be the case.

22% of men surveyed said they also follow Major League Soccer, although only 10% of women do the same. Another contender for fandom is college level sport, as 41% prefer watching this compared to the Big Four. In the Southeast, this stat is even higher, at 52%, compared to 33% of Northeastern respondents. However, when analysing the results by league, 72% of NFL fans from the Southeast favoured the Big League over the college level equivalent.


Thanks to Jessica for sending in the link!

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Reader Comments (6)

Very useful and valuable details you shared, thanks for the important blog post. It helped me a lot.
April 2, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterJina
I find it interesting that they left out the District of Columbia. They've missed stats on the Redskins, Nationals, Wizards and Capitals. Seems like a big oversight.
April 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterDustee
Any idea what the weighting might have been for this? Not sure how Missouri, Minnesota and Ohio all appeared below other teams with less wins.
April 24, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterAlistair
I like this post .Is it really amazing .Thanks for shearing.so Nice
That is a great article. I would love to put something together in that nature in reference for the top selling states in event ticket purchase by sports concert and broadway shows if possible. I think I might just try it. Thanks for a great article. It gave me a great idea for my site
October 17, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterTIcketron
its very good.
I find it interesting that they left out the District of Columbia. They've missed stats on the Redskins, Nationals, Wizards and Capitals. Seems like a big oversight.
November 8, 2018 | Unregistered Commenteranjel6
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