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Best British Isles Film & TV Locations you can Actually Visit

Best British Isles Film & TV Locations you can Actually Visit

Having the opportunity to visit a set of one of your favorite films, would be a really special opportunity. Well Direct Holiday Cottages has put together a list of real life places in the British Isles that were used in popular films that you could go visit. The Best British Isles Film & TV Locations you can Actually Visit infogaphic packages a real life photo with one from the film so that the viewer can recognize what scene the site is from. Next time you are planning a trip to the British Isles, swing by one of your favorite movie's sets!

Here is an isnspirational visual guide that we have created providing information about British Isles film and TV locations that you can vist. Check out cool locations from Downtown Abbey, Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code and plenty more by viewing this piece.

Thanks to David for sending in the link!


Best Film Awards From Around the World

 'Best Film' Awards From Around the World infographic

In America, winning an Oscar is a dream come true for people in the film industry; however, the award is not one of a kind! There are many ‘Best Film’ Awards From Around the World and Robert Shaw has created this infographic to illustrate the coveted trophies.

The awards illustrated here represent only a small fraction of the festivals that celebrate achievements in cinema throughout the world. It is by no means a definitive list.

The criteria for this infographic was to include awards that hold a dedicated trophy or statuette for an overall ‘Best Film’ category, presented in ceremony for at least four years. However, some exceptions do appear in order to show as many nations as possible.

I think the size of this infographic is the primary message. I know many people don’t like tall infographics, but in this case that is the primary design element. It’s also eye-opening information because I would guess that most readers would have no idea that there are this many different film award organizations in other countries.

Thanks to Robert for sending in the link!