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Help Wanted: Data Visualization Design Jobs > infogr8 is looking for a Data Journalist

Job Title: Data Journalist / PR Researcher

Status: Full time position.
Location: London Bridge, UK.
Deadline: 19th July 2013.
Job Start: August 2013.

Profile sought:

The infogr8 team are looking for a bright, self-driven and creative data journalist / PR researcher to come and join our young fun team to help make beautiful visual news. You will ooze confidence both in theory and in practice having worked on a busy desk where timescales are short and inspiration is just a light bulb moment away.

You are a sponge for current affairs and regularly win pub quizzes; you would consider a future cameo role on QI having the confidence to answer sharply and with some witt. Working across a wide range of topics and clients from government organisations to fashion retail companies, you’re DVD box set will read from A-Z (add angle).

When you’ve got better things to do than watch and observe, you will be uber resourceful loving working with reliable qualitative and quantitative data to source, sift, mashup and transform into novel, insightful stories and content angles. You will also have a good understanding and interest as to how statistics and stories can be conveyed visually in terms of subject matter, the audience, the timing and format having experience across dynamic mapping and interactive.

What’s more, you enjoy conveying these results to non-technical audiences whether written or verbally. (smart aleck). You like to work with a team to connect the dots and form the bigger picture.

Duties: (in order of current priority)

Data overview- Sift through client data / topic area to quickly ascertain the integrity of the data, present an overview in the form of a story map and present actionable next steps to meet the objectives of the brief.
Source new data – Have a strong network of data sources both online and offline across UK and international. Pro-actively reach out to data sources.
Representing data – Using a range of tools to represent data in charts to depict trends / stories in data in its simplest form as part of the preparation phase.
Ideation – To be able to quickly generate ideas in the form of content angles, stories, visual representations as part of team ideation sessions
To build relationships with key bloggers, journo’s, reporters, editors. To communicate daily in order to discuss ideas, trends, information to ascertain interest in specific topic areas and follow up in order to support media distribution across internal and external projects.
External spokesman – Will have an active role across the online community. To help produce and promote key communication projects including webinar, event talks, blogs and monthly trending reports. Active thought leadership.
Salary: dependent on experience

Please send your CV along with a cover letter showing links to your works. Applications should be sent to hi (at)

About infogr8:

Infogr8 is a fast growing visual content agency with data at its heart. As a team of infographic designers, journalists and marketers, the agency combine specialist talent in one room to produce a connected approach striving to produce visual content holding integrity, meaning and function. Ultimately, we strive to produce visual content that gets shared and remembered.

We’ve had consistent growth here in our first 12 months having worked for some really exciting big brands and good causes. 100% owned and managed privately, we are able to set the environment and give you the freedom, responsibility and opportunity to own your area.

Infogr8 is becoming extremely successful but that’s because we are all very hard working and therefore expect no less from new recruits. Nevertheless, work hard and we’ll make sure you play hard with us!
July 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterinfogr8
Here is my online portfolio:

I am looking for a full time job. Please see if I fit into your requirement.

Thanks & regards
August 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlankar