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Help Wanted: Data Visualization Design Jobs > Data Visualization Engineer at Netflix

Do you have trouble figuring out whether you’re an artist or data geek? Do you lose sleep staying up late at night playing with data and/or new technology? Do you get excited when you’re able to use data to uncover and visualize an exciting insight?

If so, Netflix is looking for a bright & well-rounded data visualization engineer to build compelling, simple, and beautiful graphics that will help our business partners make great decisions.

Netflix offers amazing co-workers, technology, and a Freedom & Responsibility Culture that’s truly hard to find.

What will fill your days:
- You’ll transform Netflix data into amazing visual representations
- In addition to using existing Netflix tools (Microstrategy/Tableau), you’ll help us push the envelope using the Microstrategy SDK
- You’ll explore and experiment with the latest libraries and technologies like D3, HighCharts , etc…
- You will be a bridge between “the data” and product managers at Netflix
- You will creatively and continually look for new and innovative ways to make the Netflix product better through data
- You will work on a small team with some of the best and brightest co-workers you’ve ever had

The character & qualities that will help you succeed:
- You’re tenacious, persistent, & industrious; not just talented
- Micromanagement makes your skin crawl. Given context, you’re capable of self-direction
- You leave your desk & collaborate. (Not to be mistaken with extroversion, but you realize the effectiveness of face-to-face contact in communication.)
- You move seamlessly between code and analytical concepts
- You’re an active listener who asks good questions and puts the company first
- You appreciate beauty & simplicity
- You’re known as a creative, innovative, & out-of-the-box thinker

The technical experience that will help you succeed (not a rigid litmus test):
- Microstrategy, Microstrategy SDK
- Web Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
- Familiarity with frontend data visualization libraries is a plus (D3, HighCharts, Protovis, etc…)
- Familiarity with building Web Applications (MVC concepts, frameworks like Django, CherryPy, or Ruby on Rails, etc…)
- Strong SQL experience

A few more things to know:
- Our culture is unique and we live by our values. It’s worth learning more:
- You will need to be comfortable working in the most agile of environments. Requirements will be vague. Iterations will be rapid. You will need to be nimble and take smart risks.

Please send your resume to
February 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAshley Giersch