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Help Wanted: Data Visualization Design Jobs > Interactive Graphics Editor

As a data visualization and interactive designer at The Dallas Morning News, you are part of the newsroom, which is to say, you are a journalist. You help find ways to bring stories to life in a digital medium with the help of The News’ award-winning photographers and writers. You are part of the journalistic endeavor, contributing to the storytelling process through engaging designs and data visualizations that shed a different light on the news. You’ll help make editorial decisions about how stories are best displayed online, what works digitally, and what doesn’t, all the while ensuring that digital presentations function across multiple platforms.
Experience and education
Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, visual journalism or related field and 2 years of experience or equivalent at news organization. Ability to write clean, effective frontend code that functions as expected on a variety of platforms is required. Experience working in a team environment is desired, but must also be able to handle projects without direction. Knowledge of digital design best practices, graphic design and typography.
Work with members of the newsroom to help bring longform and data-heavy stories to life online with creative, innovative and clean digital designs
Conceptualize and code interactive data visualizations using both data provided by reporters and data you mine yourself
Produce digital products on deadline to help explain and visualize breaking news stories
Manage long-term projects that may require more intensive design solutions
Support existing interactives and data-visualizations that may need occasional updating
Experience required
Creating engaging storytelling designs that play to the strengths and account for the weaknesses of both the desktop and mobile platform and that function across a wide array of browsers and bandwidths
Collaborating with reporters, photographers and editors to find new, different, or interesting ways to tell stories tailored for the digital medium
Conceptualizing and building standalone and complementary data visualizations or interactive graphics, without direction
HTML5/CSS3 and responsive web design
Responsive image techniques
Traditional graphic software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop
Familiarity with desired

D3, Timeline.js and other data visualization/interactive tools
Mapping tools, such as OpenStreetMap and/or Leaflet
SASS and/or SCSS
Please send your resume along with work samples to
August 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTroy Oxford