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Help Wanted: Data Visualization Design Jobs > Fellow, Data Visualization and Analytics

Fellow, Data Visualization and Analytics

About The National Campaign
The mission of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (“The National Campaign”) is to improve the lives and future prospects of children and families by ensuring that all children are born into families committed to and ready for the demanding task of raising the next generation. To help achieve this mission, The National Campaign works to reduce both teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy among single, young adults. If we are successful in reducing unplanned pregnancy among teens and young women, child and family wellbeing will improve, there will be less poverty, and more young men and women will complete their education or achieve other life goals.

We are committed to evidence-based and informed strategies; a bi-partisan, non-ideological approach; the belief that there is a place for everyone and every sector at the table; the recognition that we must meet our audiences where they are; a relentless pursuit to reduce disparities; and a reduction in overall rates of teen and unplanned pregnancy.

Position Description
The Data Visualization Fellow will report to the Senior Director of Health Equity for The National Campaign. Specifically, the Fellow will support efforts to visually depict geographic disparities in the availability of contraceptive care, as well as how these disparities intersect with race/ethnicity, socioeconomics, community assets, and other elements affecting access to care. The Fellow will build on our existing “Contraceptive Deserts” atlas [], to conceptualize an array of additional heat-map displays that incorporate new indicators, data sources and spatial statistical methods.


The National Campaign’s Contraceptive Desert maps depict county-level availability of contraceptive services based on data from numerous sources. As the next step in this work, we are seeking to include additional filters or overlays that highlight how this availability intersects with societal concerns such as poverty, teen childbearing, public health financing, and more. Furthermore, we will explore ways that our primary indicator can be refined to better account for factors such as proximity, transportation and population density, based on prevailing geospatial analytics—in essence, transforming it from a measure of availability to a measure of access. The Data Visualization Fellow will support this work by:

• Suggesting new metrics, indicators, and scales, along with requisite data sources.
• Offering broader suggestions for making the heat maps clear and compelling.
• For those suggestions that are adopted, assembling any tabulations, data sets or other supporting materials needed by the web developer to produce the new heat maps.
• Additional duties may include brief literature reviews in support of suggested new metrics, troubleshooting and spot-checking of heat map results, and presentation of findings in a research brief.

The Fellow will work on a daily basis with the Senior Director of Health Equity, and will also collaborate with the Vice President of Research and Evaluation and the Vice President of Digital Media.


• A bachelor’s or master’s degree.
• Experience using data visualization techniques, and heat-maps in particular, to produce compelling illustrations of geographic and demographic variation in access to services or resources.
• Knowledge of prevailing geospatial metrics and statistics, particularly as they relate to measuring proximity and adequacy of services relative to the population in need.
• Experience working extensively with at least one source of local-level, publicly available data from the Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other similar agency, and wide-ranging knowledge of similar data sources in the following domains:
o population demographics
o socioeconomic status
o public health
o transportation
o other community-level factors
• Ability to easily and efficiently manipulate large data sets in a spreadsheet, ASCII file or similar format.
• Extensive knowledge of policies, practices, and research related to community health, health disparities, public health, women’s health, reproductive health or other related field.
• Attention to detail and accuracy.
• Ability to work independently, think independently and offer insightful recommendations, while working collaboratively with other Campaign staff

• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• Strong organizational skills and capacity for creative problem solving.
• Basic knowledge of HTML, web standards, and content management systems is not required, however such knowledge is a plus to the extent it could shape the fellow’s sense of what is feasible and desirable.

This Fellow is a temporary position which could be full or part-time and does not include benefits. This position is classified as non-exempt. The National Campaign is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Deadline: to be filled asap

Please send a cover letter and resume to:
Subject line: Fellow, Data Visualization and Analytics

Data Visualization and Analytics Fellow Search
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
December 21, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterThe National Campaign