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Help Wanted: Data Visualization Design Jobs > Quartz: Senior Front End Developer

The Senior Front End Developer will join a fast-paced tech team with love for innovation and experimentation. He/she will play an integral role in developing and executing new digital experiences on behalf of our clients. The position requires core strategy, problem-solving and expert knowledge of mobile and web development, including cross-browser compatibility and deep understanding of user experience best practices.


Develop and maintain bold, custom creative products that define their own unique standard on the web.
Liaise and collaborate across the department as the expert on web development, browser capabilities and performance optimizations.
Problem solve on creative development and other hurdles.
Provide thought leadership on new product innovations and continually identify emerging technology trends in and work proactively to turn them into innovative new executions.
Technical Skills:

Good knowledge of a wide range of Front End and Back End technologies and frameworks like PHP, Node.js, ReactJS, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, SASS/SCSS and HTML5
Ability to structure and architect web projects from the ground up
Understanding of Responsive Web Design best practices and how to apply them to user interface development.
Excellent understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues, and experience debugging issues using browser developer tools.
Strong foundation in Agile Software development practice.
Understanding of Git(hub), Grunt/Gulp, Yeoman, Bower.
Familiarity with software like Adobe Suite, Sketch and content management systems
In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)
Atlantic Media Values:

Across Atlantic Media, generally, the firm looks for two “pillar gifts” in its candidates. In all of us, these are more aspirational than actual, but they are central in our intentions.

Force of Ideas: At the center of Atlantic Media work are the ideas within our writing. We believe that ideas – to the good and not – have consequence. Our highest work is bringing rigor, insight, intellectual honesty, to that ultimate purpose of separating the bad from the good, giving voice, argument, and flight to the latter.

Spirit of Generosity: Atlantic Media seeks in its ranks a spirit of generosity – a natural disposition in each colleague toward service and selfless conduct. Atlantic Media writing should be cut from the same cloth – critical on the merits but informed by charity and forbearance in measuring motive and personal character.
May 15, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterEmily Linthicum