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Most of the infographic designs I’ve included in the book are actually better when viewed online. Many of them had to be reduced in size to fit on these pages, because it’s important for you to see the scale of the entire infographic designs instead of just pieces. I have created a close-up portion of many of the designs to demonstrate a particular point or to make some of the text readable.

For all the example designs that are available online, I have included a link to the original source so that you can see the full-size original ver-sion online, the way the designer intended. However, many of the URLs are long and difficult to type into your browser.

The other challenge I faced is that over time links break. Sites go down or move to new domain names, but when the URLs are printed in the book, they are permanent. I wanted to ensure that many years from now you could still view the full-size versions online. So I have created a shortcut URL for each of the online examples that I control. If any of the websites move the infographics to a new link address, I will change the destination of this shortcut URL to redirect to the new address. 


Chapter 1: The Science of Infographics


Chapter 2: Online Infographics


Chapter 3: Infographics & SEO


Chapter 4: Infographic Resumes


Chapter 5: Internal Confidential Infographics


Chapter 6: Designing Infographics


Chapter 7: Design Resources