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Cool Infographics Giveaways!

I frequently have stuff donated to giveaway to the readers of Cool Infographics. Books, conference tickets, subscriptions, training courses, etc. Giveaways will be awarded to a randomly selected registrant, and winners will be notified by email. Check back often to register for the latest giveaway!


December 2017 Giveaway, Cool Infographics Book

October marked the 4th anniversary of the Cool Infographics book. In honor of that, I'm giving away a free signed copy to this month's winner.

Take a look by downloading a free sample chapter!

Register below by 11:59pm CT on December 15, 2017 to be entered. A winner will be randomly selected on December 16th.

Book Description:

Your data tells a story. Make it unforgettable!

A cool infographic tells a story visually —an engaging story built with your data. More than just using pictures or colorful charts, infographics create the type of visual information that your audience will quickly grasp and remember.  Inside, the fundamentals of infographics are clearly explained for both novices and experienced professionals.

This innovative guide prepares you to create compelling infographics for online marketing, business reports, posters, presentations, and even design your own infographic resume.

  • Discover what makes infographics work
  • Structure information into a simple 3-part story
  • Clarify the design process and follow infographic design rules
  • Blend data visualizations with text, illustrations and images to tell a complete story
  • Understand how other companies are successfully using infographics
  • Implement a complete infographic release strategy to maximize SEO results
  • Design a personal infographic resume to market yourself
  • Learn about the software applications and websites used by designers
Featuring over 100 infographic examples from great designers all over the world, this book helps you communicate your message by making your information stand out.  Your infographics will get noticed and shared by your audience.



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