The 2019 Cool Infographics Virtual Summit

Session #1: Success starts here: Infographics planning, storytelling and tools

January 2019

For all the example designs that are available online, I have listed here the link to the original source so that you can see the full-size original version online, the way the designer intended.  However, many of the URLs are long and difficult to type into your browser, so this list makes it easy to just click on the links.

Intro to Infographics 

Cisco Visual Networking Index:

The Information Hydrant, Will Lion:

The Empowered E-Patient:

Google Search Insights for “Infographic”:

Using Infographics 

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

History of Christmas Trees:

Streamlining Your Digital Life with the New iPad:

The 6 Principles of Design:

Easy Longboard Buyer’s Guide:

Honda Accord: Infographics:

How To Match Shirt & Tie Patterns:

Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape:

Cold or The Flu?:

Grandma's Apple Pie Recipe:

Sudan Bombing:

Bedford Budget Poster:

DadePaper Banner Infographic:

Design Tips 

Social Media Active Users by Network 2015:

Disney Rewards Insider Winter 2018 (p10):

Google How shoppers find ideas and inspiration:

FedEx Seasonal Success 2017:

The Chart Chooser:

The Chart Chooser (Color Version from Qlik):

The Data Visualization Catalogue:

Where’s Google Making its money?

The Social Media Landscape:

The Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic:

Tower of Beer:

NYTimes, Justice Scalia's Ideology:

PolicyViz DataViz CheatSheet:

Design Tools

Adobe Illustrator:


Microsoft Visio:

Affinity Designer:

Microsoft PowerPoint:





Adobe Photoshop:




Affinity Photo:

Girl Scouts Cookies Pie Chart:

What is an Infographic? (explained with LEGOs):

Microsoft Office: 

The Noun Project:




Gliffy :


Cool Infographics Tools Page:

Cool Infographics Facebook Page:

Session #2: Next steps: How to maximize infographic quality, reach and ROI

Google Search Insights for “Infographic”:

Google's 200 Ranking Factors:

James Bond Movies:

Landing Page Setup

Moz Title Tag Tool:

Yoast Wordpress Plugin:




Tweet Button Customization:

Open Graph Protocol:

Twitter Cards:

Semantic Markup (Schema):

Google Mobile Friendly Test:

EXIF Editor (Mac): 

Self-Promotion & Outreach 

The 2019 Social Media Image Sizes Guide:

Bitly Half-Life of a Link:

Facebook Image Tester:



PR Newswire:

PR Daily Media Relations Submit:

Google Analytics: Link Shortener:

Google Image Search:

Bing Image Search:

TinEye Reverse Image Search:

MOZ Open Site Explorer:

Majestic Site Explorer:

PR Checker:

Google Page Rank Explained, Elliance:

Contact Info

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