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Where Constituent Input Ends Up

Where Constituent Input Ends Up infographic


Have you ever tried to reach out to Congress? There are multiple ways to contact them, but with the high volume of constituent input, there has to be a way to filter it. Where Constituent Input Ends Up flowchart from Flowing Data tells the story of how they organize and reply to the input they recieve. 


When you have input to send Congress, you have a number of communication options available to you: phone, email, social media, etc. Many of the bigger issues have dedicated sites that help automate some of the process, which of course leads to a large volume of input that lands in a congressperson’s voicemail, inbox, and notifications tab. Where does it all go?

The OpenGov Foundation looked into it and produced the From Voicemails to Votes report. The flowchart above is part of the report. Full version here.


Found on Flowingdata.com/

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