Randy Krum presenting Cool Infographics at the Central Intelligence Agency

Randy's Talks, Classes, Presentations and Workshops

I’m available for Speaking Engagements about data visualization, infographics and visual communication topics.  Previously, I’ve presented at conferences, Mastermind groups, company meetings, government organizations, universities and MBA classes.  If interested, send me a note through the Contact page on InfoNewt.com to discuss your event.

Upcoming Events

Course Instructor at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Professional Education

Best Practices in Communicating Data and Insights, Next course March 2019, SMU East Main Campus, Dallas, TX

Data Visualization, Infographics & Dashboard Design, Next course April 2019, SMU East Main Campus, Dallas, TX

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June 2019

You can see videos from a handful of my talks on YouTube, and the slides from many of my talks on Slideshare!

Comments and feedback:

  • "There was a lot of great practical information. Thanks for a fantastic presentation!"

  • "Best session of the day! Wow!"

  • "Very informative. Not enough room for all who wanted to attend."

  • "Awesome presentation"

  • "Absolutely masterful."

  • "Incredible! Proof that the presenter makes the difference."

  • "Terrific info, terrific presentation, terrific speaker, terrific evening. One of the best speakers I have heard in a while, with so much to offer, well spoken and presented."

  • "The speaker and his infographics were absolutely top notch!"

  • "Great speech! Every page of the slides attracts attention. Thanks for introducing so many useful tools!"

  • "Would be nice for Randy to help other presenters show their graphics this way!"

  • "Great presentation! Randy generously shared his knowledge giving folks interesting perspectives and inspiration."

  • "This presentation exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot that I can potentially apply to my work."

  • "The students loved the presentation. Really opened their eyes to the power and usefulness of infographics."

  • "Fantastic, practical advice with dozens of examples."

  • "Clearly hit the right chord. I heard Randy's data quoted in many meetings after the presentation."

  • "Randy's visualization presentation was one of the best I've attended. Most viz presentations are overly vague and non-specific, but the feedback provided was absolutely useful for folks just getting started with visualization"

  • "Everyone else's presentation paled in comparison. Randy's use of graphics to present his message superseded anyone else's. I could have listened to him all day.”

  • "Randy Krum's presentation was most valuable and pertinent to my job as a communications specialist."

Topics can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Communicating with Data

  • The Science of Infographics (Why Infographics work)

  • Data Visualization Best Practices

  • Designing Better Charts

  • Data Storytelling

  • What is Good DataViz Design?

  • Infographic Design Tools (software applications and online tools)

  • Design Tips & Tactics to create great infographics

  • Infographic Resumes

  • The Infographic Design Process

  • Corporate Infographics (internal designs using confidential data)

  • Optimizing Online Infographics (or any Visual Content)

  • The Infographic Release Strategy to maximize ROI (a proprietary InfoNewt strategy)

  • Infographics & SEO: Publishing and Promotion

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Infographics Design

Past Events


  • Data Visualization & Infographics, NYU; Guest Lecturer Webinar, Apr 2019

  • Data Visualization Design For Effective Communication, Dallas HR Analytics, Apr 2019

  • Panelist: The Three Bears of Data Science: Little Data, Big Data, and IoT, SMU MSDS Symposium, Mar 2019

  • Infographics and Data Visualization, Guest Lecturer Webinar, Yeshiva University, Feb 2019

  • Infographics: Planning, Storytelling and Tools, Public Relations Society of America and Ragan Communication’s 2019 Infographics Virtual Summit, Jan 2019

  • How to maximize infographic quality, reach and ROI, Public Relations Society of America and Ragan Communication’s 2019 Infographics Virtual Summit, Jan 2019








  • Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; Guest Lecturer Webinar, November 2012

  • 3M, St. Paul, MN, Custom Presentation & Hand-On Workshop, October 2012

  • Chicago Association of Direct Marketing (CADM), Webinar, September 2012

  • Texas Department of Information Resources, Webinar, September 2012

  • U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Guest Speaker Series, McLean, VA, July 2012

  • Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; Guest Lecturer Webinar, May 2012


  • Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; Guest Lecturer Webinar, November 2011

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