Links: Infographic Submission Sites

Cool Infographics is only one of many infographics sites where designers and companies post and submit their infographics to share. These are the three different types of infographic sites available to share your infographic design. The landscape of infographic sites is constantly changing, so please drop me a note if you notice a site has changed or a site should be added to the list.

Self-Publishing Infographic Sites

These sites allow anyone to create their own account and upload their own infographics to share.

uCollect Infographics allows you to sign up and create your own infographic post on the site. is an online community that provides shared space and is a free resource for creatives to upload their infographics and data visualization work. Content Gallery allows you to create a portfolio account and upload your infographics to share with the community.

Flickr is mostly known as a photo sharing site, but you can upload any type of image, and many designers and companies share their infographics here.

Free Infographic Submission Sites

It's free to submit your infographic to these sites for consideration, but there are no promises or guarantees that your design will be posted

Cool Infographics is a free submission site that only posts the best infographics. Use the Contact page to submit your infographic.

Best Infographics is for genuinely unique infographics that have some trait or quality that can be seen as the “best”

Directory of Infographics is a collection of infographics related to social media, technology, world, business and more. all around the internet.

Infographaholic encourages you to include a description with links back to the original posting of the infographic, or a relevant page.

Infographics Archive offers a free submission option in addition to their 3 paid tiers

Infographic Database will moderate and review every submission. No optimized anchor text link will be published.

Infographic Directory is a showcase site from Brian Wallace, founder of NowSourcing, Inc.

Infographic Journal accepts free submissions, but offers an Express Submission option for a small fee to get posted in a timely fashion.

Infographic Pics is Rusty Jenkins' collection of good infographics.

Infographic Plaza is free to submit, with paid options available

InfographicPost is free to submit an infographic, and also has paid options

Infographics Portal features quality infographics on various topics (Free for NoFollow links)

Infographics Race has both free submission and paid options

Infographic Website has a free submission option with a link back to your website, shared on their Pinterest account and embeddable HTML code.

Infographix Directory is a free submission website, but to be posted in a timely manner there is a $20 Express fee, and $40 fee to be featured on the homepage.

NerdGraph is a user submitted infographic gallery.

News I Like is all about infographics, DataViz & more.

Shit Hot Infographics is an infographic blog by David Eaves, owner of The SEO Company.

Submit Infographics is an infographic design gallery from the team at Killer Infographics

The Infographics is a site where you can submit infographics through a form or connect with Tom Cumpsty on Twitter @cumpsty.

Visulattic A project with a aim to curate the best information graphics or visual data.

Visual Kiwi Submit your infographic to be included in the Visual Community section

Paid Infographic Submission Sites

For a price, these sites allow people to submit or upload their infographics to be posted

Amazing Infographics is a paid submission gallery with a fixed price ($25) for posting the infographic with two text links

Best-Infographics (different than the free site above) will review and post your infographic to the site as featured ($50), same day ($35), or within 48 hours ($9.49)

Daily Infographic features a new infographic every day. Submit your email address through their contact page to receive pricing options

Directory of Infographics will post your infographic within 2 days ($10) has three tiers of pricing to post infographics: Express ($25), Paid ($49) and Sponsored ($99)

Infographic Bee will review your infographic within 2-3 business days ($10.95), post and share your infographic on social media channels

Infographic Love is a showcase of tech based infographics, and requires a fee for posting a review ($75)

Infographick is a showcase of some of the best static and interactive infographic design online ($75)

Infographics Archive offers 3 pricing tiers of promotional service for guaranteed posting: Standard ($20), Social ($34) and Premium ($44)

Infographic Plaza has paid options available ($10-$55) to expedite review and posting

InfographicPost for a fee, will guarantee that your infographic will be reviewed, and posted live within 5 days ($10) or 2 days ($20)

Infographics Race has paid options that include NoFollow ($10) and Follow ($20) links for SEO

Infographics Showcase Use the Submit page for a paid, honest review (good or bad) posting of your infographics ($25)

Infographic Website has a paid sponsor option ($9.95) with a link back to the original post, shared on their Facebook and Twitter accounts and a permanent homepage spot.

Top Infographic is a paid infographic submission site

Infographics and DataViz Blogs

American Infographic is a blog by Zach Urbina.

Chart Geek is a blog about charts on space, sci-fi and other geeky things.

Chart Porn is all DataViz you just gotta love, by Dustin Smith.

Complex Diagrams is Noah Iliinsky's blog for observations, ruminations, rants and critiques of DataViz.

Data Mining is Matthew Hurst's blog on text Mining, Visualization and Social Media.

Data Pointed is the home of artist and scientist Stephen Von Worley's data visualization research.

Data Stories is a podcast on DataViz with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner.

EagerEyes is run by Robert Kosara, Visual Analysis Researcher at Tableau Software. He explores visual techniques, data & applications.

Fast Company Design's Infographic of the Day highlights their own daily infographic finds.

FlowingData is where Nathan Yau's experiments in making visualization.

Information Aesthetics is Andrew Vande Moere's blog featuring some of the most beautiful infographics in the world.

Information Is Beautiful is from David McCandless and team. They distill the world’s data into beautiful visualizations, infographics and diagrams

Looking 4 Data Visualization is Stéphane Nardin's French blog about DataViz and business intelligence

Serial Mapper is Claude Aschenbrenner's French blog on maps, mind mapping and other good infographics

SND (Society of News Design) is all news from the Society for News Design (SND)

Stats Chat is a blog for the University of Auckland's Department of Statistics

Visual Capitalist is a digital media brand that uses data, art, and storytelling to make complex issues more digestible for millions of investors around the world

The Visual Communication Guy is a blog by Curtis Newbold

Visual Complexity is Manual Lima's site sharing some of the most complex visualizations

Visual Loop is a blog about infographics for professionals, academics, students and anyone curious about it

Visualising Data is a DataViz blog by Andy Kirk, a UK-based freelance data visualization architect blog covers topics on a things infographics and DataViz for the brand

VizWorld is Dean Meyers's site featuring computer graphics, effects, hardware and visualizations