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UN Against Corruption infographic video

UN Against Corruption infographic video

This UN Against Corruption infographic video is actually a highlights overview of a six-part video series from the UNCAC (UN Convention against Corruption) Coalition.  This video does a good job of showing how corruption impacts societies, escpecially in third world countries.  You can view the complete series at http://www.uncaccoalition.org/en/uncac-review/uncac-review-mechanism.html

Highlights of the six-part suite of 2D infographics videos commissioned by Transparency International in collaboration with UNODC. This video infographic uses animated typography and simple, iconic animated graphics and pictograms to explain the effects of corruption on society. It also incorporates a short segment of live-action video, embedded within the context of iconic elements. It provides a compelling and fast-paced tutorial for organisations and activists on how to bring pressure to bear on governments to more effectively fight corruption.


  • art direction: mariano leotta

  • motion graphics: alessandra leone

  • sound design: ex-directory

  • sound mixing: enrico anicito guido

  • voice over: tom tucker

  • shooting: luca fuscaldi

  • production: artereazione.org

  • commission: transparency.org

The full six-part series is now available on YouTube:

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