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Submissions and feedback welcome! Please send praise, criticism, requests, submissions or links to infographics you think we should mention on Cool Infographics®. If you’d like to submit an infographic, please send a link to the original on-line. is not a hosting site, but rather a sharing site, so you can’t send attachments.

Since CI is a curated, free, unpaid infographics gallery, I make the final determination on which infographics get posted. The keys to “making the cut” are good data visualizations (this is important!), engaging topic (informative/thought-provoking), clear storytelling through visualization of information, and wide audience appeal. Keep in mind that even if we think something is a great fit for the CI audience, our backlog is significant. With hundreds of submissions every week, it might be a while before a submission appears in the blog.

- Randy and the Cool Infographics® Team


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