Infographic Posters

These are infographic posters available from designers all over the world. Infographics and posters have gone together since the beginning, and I love that I can help support these design by sharing links to their work. Click an image to be taken to the poster site to view details and the opportunity to order a copy for yourself.

HistoryShots InfoArt

I’ve known the team at HistoryShots for many years! They started designing and selling high quality original graphics that combine lots of information with thoughtful designs in 2003.


Timeplots is the poster division of Graphicacy, and has produced some amazing designs related to the history of the U.S. government.

Wine Folly

Wine Folly is reinventing how you learn about wine. Check out their books, vibrant posters, regional wine maps, and effective wine tools.

Pop Chart

Pop Chart (formerly Pop Chart Lab) is an infographic poster design shop in New York City that specializes in turning nerdily encyclopedic pop-cultural knowledge into gorgeous, richly detailed infographics.


UsefulCharts is the storefront for infographic posters created by the great Canadian designer Matt Baker.

The Conversation Prism

The result of a design in partnership between Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas, the Conversation Prism is a visual map of the social media landscape.. The original Conversation Prism v1.0 was published in 2008 and the current design is up to version 5.0. Available for FREE download as a high-resolution JPG file or for purchase as a printed poster.

Edward Tufte Posters

Edward Tufte offers a few posters from his books for sale on his website, including what may be the most famous infographic poster of all time, Napoleon’s March!


The PolicyViz shop sells some great designs focused on improving data visualization from designer Jon Schwabish. The Graphic Continuum decomposes 90 separate graphic types into 6 main categories: Distribution, Time, Comparing Categories, Geospatial, Part-to-Whole, and Relationships.

Use the code coolinfographics for 10% OFF everything in the PolicyViz store!

Financial Times Visual Vocabulary

A free poster (downloadable PDFs available in EnglishJapanesetraditional Chinese and simplified Chinese) and web site to assist designers and journalists to select the optimal symbology for data visualisations, by the Financial Times Visual Journalism Team. The FT Visual Vocabulary is at the core of a newsroom-wide training session aimed at improving chart literacy. This learning resource is inspired by the Graphic Continuum by Jon Schwabish and Severino Ribecca. This is not an attempt to teach everyone how to make charts, but how to recognise the opportunities to use them effectively alongside words.

From Data to Viz

Yan Holtz and Conor Healy developed the From Data to Viz interactive website in the form of a decision tree leading to a set of potentially appropriate visualizations to represent your dataset. Their decision tree of dataviz styles is also available as a poster.

The Chart Guide 3.5

Michiel Dullaert created the Chart Guide for his data visualization classes, and has made it available to everyone through the website as a downloadable PDF or for purchase as a printed poster.

Stephanie Evergreen’s Chart Chooser

How to choose the right chart? The Chart Chooser Infographic and Cards present your chart options in a clear and visible way. The right chart will help you tell the story behind your data.

Curious Charts

Timothy and Aurélia, founders of Curious Charts, are a mom and pop business based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Nicholas Rougeaux

Chicago-based web designer and artist; you can find all his work at

Anna Vital, Funders and Founders

Anna Vital is founder of Adioma, information designer and a visual journalist at Funders and Founders.


Geckoboard is dashboard product company, but they have made a number of data visualization resources available for FREE. Both of these posters are available as free PDF downloads!


Many different infographic posters are available from multiple designers on the Zazzle marketplace.

The Drone Survival Guide

The Drone Survival Guide is a design made to help identify different types of drones printed on reflective material. PDF available as a FREE download in multiple languages.