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Introducing Cool Infographics, the book

Introducing Cool Infographics, the book

Today I’m excited to introduce my new book, Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design!  This project has taken up an enormous portion of my time over the last 12 months and will be available at the end of October 2013 from all major booksellers (print and ebook).

This book is written for anyone that wants to learn how to use infographics and data visualizations more effectively.  Whether you design your own or work with a designer, the tactics and tips included will help you create better infographics and effectively publish them online.  Using over 100 visual examples from designers all over the world, I explain how companies are successfully using infographics every day.  It is an accumulation of knowledge and experience from designing infographics and running the Cool Infographics blog over the last seven years.

Seven major areas are covered in depth:

  • The Science of Infographics: Why do infographics work? Humans are visual creatures. Any information that we can communicate visually will get more attention, is easier to understand and is more likely to be remembered. Infographics tell stories with data using a combination of data visualizations, images, illustrations and text. Used effectively, infographics can be one of the most powerful forms of communication.

  • Online Infographics: The use of infographics online has grown exponentially in the last few years. Why are infographics so popular as online content and how are infographics being used successfully by companies? Are you trying to build your brand equity, drive traffic to your website or explain product features to your customers? Different goals require different types of infographics, so make sure you know how to plan your infographics for success.

  • Infographics and SEO: Why do some infographic go viral and others flop? Infographics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand in hand, but you have put some effort into releasing an infographic. Issues like keywords, embed code, online lifespan, meta data and landing pages all have an impact on the success of your infographic online. A complete infographic release strategy is outlined that covers the entire process from releasing the infographic to getting posts and links from other sites.

  • Infographic Resumes: The use of data visualization design to improve job candidate resumes is still new, but is growing rapidly. Good infographic resumes combine the best practices from traditional resume design and viral online infographics. Learn to design a cool infographic resume of your own.

  • Internal Confidential Infographics: There’s a secret world of data visualizations and infographics being used inside companies using confidential data. Unlike online infographics, these internal designs are often included in presentations or shared as printed handouts. Take the best parts of online infographics, and adapt them for your own use in presentations.

  • Designing Infographics: Will your infographic pass the 5-second rule? This chapter will help you design great infographics with clear data visualizations, transparent data sources and engaging topics. We look at some best design practices as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

  • Design Resources: Ready to get started? Designing infographics is a combination of visualizing data, creating custom illustrations, editing images and putting together the complete design. I’ve gathered together the major tools used by infographic designers to help you find the right software for your project. I’ve even included a number of sources for finding data and websites that can be used to design complete infographics.

Pre-order now to get your copy as soon as it’s released!

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